Land of Oz

Land of Oz 001DON'T MISS: Top 10 Reasons to Visit Beech Mountain

Check out the Land of Oz during your next trip to Beech Mountain.

This enchanted old theme park - which operated from 1970-1980 - is now available for personal tours, birthday parties and private functions from June through October.

Options include: exclusive tours of Dorothy's house, leisurely strolls along the 44,000-brick yellow brick road, and picnic lunches at the Fountain of Youth and the Judy Garland Memorial Overlook.

Or better yet, stay the night in Dorothy's House and have the yellow brick road all to yourself!

So have a heart, have a brain, and have some courage. Make plans now for a journey over the rainbow to the very pinnacle of Beech Mountain.

The historic Land of Oz awaits. Land of Oz 002For Land of Oz information, call 800-514-3849 or visit

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