Cougar Club at Grandfather MountainHave you heard about the newest High Country residents? As a High Country VIP, I received an invitation to meet the cougar cubs at Grandfather Mountain in nearby Linville. I scampered over there the other day, and let me tell you, those cats are as excited about their new home as a squirrel with an armload of acorns.

Their names are Trinity and Logan after their original homeland in Idaho. Logan is the town where the team from Grandfather flew in to pick them up. And Trinity is the name of a mountain peak out there.

The cubs aren’t on display yet. The folks at Grandfather are improving their habitat with a new cougar house. Up here in the High Country, we always show the finest hospitality to our guests and new residents. Construction on the new habitat is under way, though.

Trinity and Logan are also shy. They were right at home with me, but they’re uneasy around too many humans. Have you ever seen how many folks visit Grandfather on a summer day? People love that place! The cougars’ keepers will ease them into public display, so crowds don’t overwhelm them.

The cougars have been through a rough time. They lost their mom out in Idaho and needed help because they’re so young – only about 11 months old. Grandfather Mountain just happened to be looking for a couple of cougars to join its lone feline, Aspen. So they flew out there, put the cubs on a plane and brought them to North Carolina. I was a little jealous. I’ve always wanted to fly on a plane.

Christie Tipton, chief habitat curator at Grandfather, says Trinity and Logan are making good progress. When they arrived on the mountain in early March, Trinity, the girl, weighed 32 pounds and Logan, the boy, weighed 48 pounds. Trinity is now more than 55 pounds, and Logan weighs in at more than 75 pounds.

Keep a check on to see when Trinity and Logan venture out onto display. And when you meet them, tell them Boomer sent you.

Yours truly,
Boomer the Squirrel