Funnest Sledding Hill in North Carolina is Back with New Upgrades

Yippee! The Beech Mountain sledding hill — one of my favorite town traditions — is open and ready for the kiddos.

The free youth sledding hill is a one-of-a-kind experience that our friendly town is proud to offer to locals and guests. This past offseason, the town made improvements to the hill, so it’s even more fun (and safe) this winter.

Grading work provided a longer place to stop at the bottom. New pads, like the ones used over at the ski resort, eliminate any bump ups along the sides or at the base of the hill.

The hill now has two lanes, one for tiny tikes and one for older kids. I’m still working on getting a lane just for squirrels!

This year the hill will have more consistent snow coverage thanks to a better water supply from the town’s snazzy new water treatment plant. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that good ole Mother Nature keeps piling on the white stuff, too.

Kids need plastic sleds for the sledding hill. They can bring their own or buy or rent one from a local store.

Parents are allowed to accompany younger kids on the hill. Once the kids have the hang of it, observers can watch from the seats in the Visitor Center lobby.

If you get chilly, step across the street to the pizzeria for a cup of hot cocoa. Or warm up in the Visitor Center, use the restroom and post those sledding hill photos to Facebook and Instagram using the complimentary Wi-Fi. Make sure you tag Beech Mountain. We love seeing all the kids’ smiling faces.

As weather allows, the sledding hill will be open until late February or early March. Check conditions anytime by calling 800-468-5506. Weekday hours are 1 p.m.-5 p.m., and weekend hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Bundle up the kids and grab the sleds, a snowy afternoon of fun and laughter awaits up here on Beech Mountain!

Yours truly,
Boomer the Squirrel