PrintVisitors to Beech Mountain often ask what’s my favorite summertime event. And the answer is easy breezy – the Mile High Kite & Craft Festival.

Every Labor Day weekend families from all over the Southeast come to Beech Mountain to fly kites a mile high in our town meadow. I love going to the meadow and watching the kids run around with their kites.

If you ever want to see pure joy, watch a bunch of kids flying kites!

The festival expands to two days this year – Saturday, Sept. 5, and Sunday, Sept. 6 – and the nice ladies at the Chamber of Commerce have added craft vendors, food vendors and a children’s play area.

On Sunday, they will have contests for the biggest, smallest and best-decorated kites. I’m planning to win the contest for the smallest. I have to, because a regular kite would take me up, up and away with it! I might wind up somewhere over the rainbow.

Speaking of “somewhere over the rainbow,” there will be a drawing each day for four free tickets to the sold-out Autumn at Oz celebration in Beech Mountain in early October.

My cousin Darryl in Raleigh, and my other cousin Darryl in Charlotte, usually come up to Beech for the kite festival weekend. Raleigh Darryl likes to eat the hotdogs served by the Famous Brick Oven Pizzeria, which is adjacent to the kite field. Charlotte Darryl is more of a pie guy and he loves the pizza slices.Kite_Festival_weekend

Personally, I think they should put acorns on pizzas. But humans never take my suggestion on that!

Oh yeah, there’s one thing I forgot to mention. If you come to the Mile High Kite & Craft Festival, make sure to bring your boogie shoes. The town of Beech Mountain hosts a free all-ages street dance Saturday night in the parking lot of town hall. The lot is covered with sand and a deejay plays a variety of fun dance music.

So, come join me, Darryl and Darryl for this fun weekend. All you have to do is navigate on over to our kite festival page by clicking here, then find a great place to stay that weekend by clicking here.

Did I mention it’s my favorite summer event on Beech??