One of my favorite activities this time of year is scampering over to Grandfather Mountain to see the rhododendrons in bloom.

Those of us who call the High Country home know that no plant signifies the arrival of summer in the mountains quite like the vivid pink Catawba rhododendron. And no place has any prettier rhododendrons than Grandfather Mountain!

My good friends at Grandfather Mountain showcase the amazing blooms each year with the Remarkable Rhododendron Ramble. This year it takes place from June 1-9 and we love to make it a part of the Beech Mountain Family Fun Month activities!

“Rhododendron are special because they are attention-grabbing,” says Amy Renfranz, director of education, at Grandfather Mountain. “So many of us get lost in our smartphones, calendars and the rush of modern life. Brightly colored rhododendrons compete for our attention — and often win.”

To showcase the beauty and significance of this native plant, Grandfather Mountain naturalists host daily 1:00 p.m. guided strolls to see the blooms from June 1-8. The Rhododendron Ramble concludes on June 9 with a native plant festival and multiple hikes.

The daily hikes (June 1-8) allow visitors to observe the blooms and learn from naturalists about their history, characteristics and roles they play in the mountain’s ecological communities.

The Rhododendron Ramble culminates June 9 with a full day of activities, including information about native plants, plant nurseries, kids’ craft activities and presentations by botanists.

The Rhododendron Ramble activities are free with park admission to Grandfather Mountain, and the Beech Mountain Visitor Center has discount tickets available.

For discount ticket details, call 800-468-5506.

Yours Truly,
Boomer the Squirrel